About Vondel


What's the pricing?

Our prices are very competitive, but depend on multiple factors like model and order quantity. Contact us for a customised quotation.

How do you warrant the quality?

All products have a 2 year warranty. If something might not meet the quality expectations, we will always find a satisfying solulion.

How does the order process go?

First we want to get a better idea of your company. After discussing ideas, we start designs. After your approval, we start production.

How long does the production process take?

The time of production depends on the product and the order amount, but will approximately be around 20-45 working days.

About Vondel Design

Vondel design specialises in employee and relational gifts, for companies that really want to make an impression. We achieve this with classy design, high quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

Everything is possible

We specialise in watches, but also other jewelry like cufflinks, bracelets, glasses and wallets. Let us know when you have another request, and we’ll tell you about the possibilities. We can customise the gifts completely to your wishes, personalised with your company logo.


For a company, committed relations are very important. Motivated employees or loyal clients are priceless. A small investment in a high quality give-away be rewarded fast. Our gifts show appreciation, which will be returned by your relations.

Mediocrity is not an option

We believe in the principle of reciprocity; when you give something, people will owe you. When you really show appreciation, this will be returned with loyalty.

Honest pricing

Since we deliver in big quantities, we can offer you very competitive pricing, which will never be compensated in the quality. We offer 2 years warranty on all products.